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A list of excellent resources provided by our moderator, Maggieraye

This entry is currently undergoing edits.  I've left a few of the best resources up, while the editing process is occurring.  Please check back again soon!
For those who have previously visited, I'm revising it to include those sites which I feel best minister to the needs of single parents who are home educating. 

Home Based Christian Single Parents - I did not discover this site, but was discovered by Katie.  I don't remember exactly how she found me, but I think it was from a post I put on the forum at Single Parent Home Educator several months ago.  This site has some really good resources and I was excited to see it.  I'm looking forward to spending more time there and getting to know Katie better.

Homespun Hearts - Information coming soon

Single Parent Testimonies at Homeschool Oasis
This homeschooling website offers many resources.  Among them a set of testimonies from three single mothers who've chosen to home educate, in spite of difficult circumstances.  Each story is a blessing.

Single Parents Can Homeschool by Linda Joyce Heaner
This article is one of the best I've read yet.  It serves as an excellent encouragement to those considering home education.  It has many practical suggestions for single moms.  Whether you are currently home educating or just considering it, the article will be a blessing to you.

Fears of a Single Mom by Lori Little
This article was amazing to me.  In addition to feeling totally alone as a single mother who was home educating, I have also felt totally alone as I struggled with fear and panic over the years.  This addresses all of that in a way that glorifies the Lord beautifully.  It is a MUST READ for all single moms.

A Single Parent's Call to Outrageous Faith by Janet Whitley - This dear lady talks about walking by faith, as a single mother called to home educate.  It is an encouraging article to those of us who walk daily, by faith, in order to continue home educating our children.

Looking After Widows and Orphans:  How You Can Help Single-Parent Families by Mary Jo Tate
I've had the privilege and blessing of getting to know this dear lady during the last couple of months.  She is a single mom, who has found a way to be a keeper at home and to home educate.  She works as freelance writer.  This article was first published in Family Reformation Magazine.  It contains a wealth of information for those working with and ministering to the needs of the single parent family.

Why Should I Homeschool? by Lisa Baker
This blog post was an excellent reminder to me of why it is important that single mothers home educate and be keepers at home, in spite of their difficult circumstances.  This is a well written post, worth reading.

Blessing the Sole Parent Homeschooler by Aussiemum
This is a great post chocked full of ideas, about being a blessing to a single mom, whether she is homeschooling or not.  These ideas come from a single mom, someone who really knows what other single moms need most.

Single Parent Homeschool
This ministry is a division of Considering Homeschooling Ministry
dedicated to encouraging single parents who are currently or who are considering homeschooling.  I've had the privilege of writing for this website since it began.

The Homeschool Foundation
I'm not sure how to describe The Homeschool Foundation other than as an excellent resource of encouragement to those who might otherwise choose not to home educate for financial reasons.  There are funds available from the foundation to help support homeschooling families when all other resources have been exhausted.
Members Helping Members has funds available to help families with membership to HSLDA. The Compassion Fund has funds available to help families with a number of different areas, including, but certainly not limited to single parents who need help to continue to home educate. The Widows Fund has funds available to help homeschooling families who've lives have been tragically touched by the death of their husband/father. The Special Needs part of The Homeschool Foundation offers assistance to families who have one or more children with special needs, who have chosen to home educate, in order to better meet the needs of the child and their family.



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