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If I could recommend only one book for those considering home
education, it would be a difficult task.  I had a large personal library before
I began to officially home educate my children.  My library has
seriously nearly doubled in size during the last four years.  I do think that
the best book Iíve seen so far, that would serve as a guide book would
be Educating the Whole Hearted Child.  Itís simple, easy to read,
broken down into short sections and it is not terribly expensive.   For more
information or to order the book visit

Free Curriculum Online
There are many resources for free and low-cost curriculum and teaching
materials online.  My favorites are:
Ambleside Online is a free Charlotte Mason approach curriculum for
K-12th grade.  Many of the books they suggest using they also offer
available free online.
American Sign Language University  is a favorite in our house.  It is
especially great if you have a high schooler who needs a second or
foreign language course.  This site offers a course free.  If you actually
want the college credit for it, you can pay to take the course and
receive a certificate.

Free Books Online
A word of caution here, if you are a book-a-holic (and most of us who
home school are) and you know all the great places to get free or used
books inexpensively, it may be cheaper to search than to print off the
internet, by the time you figure the cost of paper and printer ink.  A
couple of these sites are great resources if you are using a curriculum
that has the children reading books that are no longer in print.
Bibliomania -
Project Gutenberg -
Dust and Ashes -

Getting Organized and Keeping Track
There are a growing number of computer based tracking systems for home
educators.  The one we are currently using - because it has a free
download version - is the Homeschool Tracker from TGHomesoft.  You can
purchase a ďPlusĒ  version, but I know several families that feel the free
basic version is more than sufficient and if your budget is limited,
this is a great place to start.

More Reasons to Homeschool
While I havenít completely explored this site yet, it seems to be
another motivator for those of us who are contemplating whether our children
belong in the government schools.

Single Mom Stories Online
I periodically search the internet for resources for single parents who
are home educating.  While the resources are still slim, they are
growing.  There are a lot more than there were when I started out on my
journey almost five years ago.  These are some of the ones that have
encouraged me along the way.

Keepers at Home
If you are raising daughters, if you feel called to be a keeper at
home, whether single or married, these are some resources  to encourage you
toward that end.  There are so many out there that would be impossible
to list them all.

No Greater Joy - offers a free magazine -
Above Rubies - offers a free magazine -
Women at Home University - this is an amazing ministry that offers a
list of over 1000 titles that are recommended reading for the future or
current keeper at home.  Take time to read how the ministry began.  I
thought this was a pretty amazing story.




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